Top 10 US cities to find a match for an interracial relationship

Interracial dating has become very convenient over the years and you certainly wouldn’t be chased out of any place for coming in with rainbow partners. Nevertheless, there are a few places in the United States that happen to be a little more open about the idea of interracial dating. Despite the increasing awareness of interracial dating, there are a few states in the nation where the concept isn’t very popular and you might receive a few frowns walking down the street.

Going beyond the racial aspect

Over the years, people have come to terms with the fact that dating a person of the same race doesn’t ensure happiness and contentment. According to several independent surveys, the rates of divorce are quite similar between couples belonging to the same racial backgrounds and those hailing from different backgrounds. Therefore, it establishes the fact that stability of a relationship isn’t dependent on whether or not you marry someone of the same race.

Interracial Dating Sites have come into picture

Online dating services that cater to the needs of those seeking a relationship with person outside their race have grown in number over the years. Not only has this helped in helping people overcome the taboo of interracial dating but also increased awareness about different cultures and traditions.

Websites like have been doing a splendid job at bridging the gap between people of diverse castes, creeds and nationalities. Thanks to built – in communication features such as emailing and IM clients, people can now contact a person residing in any corner of the globe from the comfort of their couch. Affordability is another aspect in which online interracial dating sites have managed to excel.

The best cities to connect with people seeking an interracial match.

It goes without saying that some American cities have grown in leaps and bounds over the years and the natives have welcomed the idea of interracial dating with open arms. Here is a list of the top 10 cities that are great for interracial dating:

·San Francisco, California
·Seattle, Washington
·Minneapolis, Minnesota
·Denver, Colorado
·Phoenix, Arizona
·San Diego, California
·Honolulu, Hawaii
·New York City, New York
·Los Angeles, California
·Oakland, California

According to the aforementioned listings, the state of California can be said to be most tolerant in the United States, with as many as four cities featuring on the list of the top 10 cities for interracial dating. While it doesn’t mean that other cities in the country are intolerant and hate interracial dating, it’s just that they have a more conventional view point.