The History of Interracial Relationships

In the past, there wasn’t much sympathy in the UK or other countries for people who wanted to be in interracial relationships. There was a lot of oppression, but thankfully in today’s world people are more accepting of love between people of different race.

The History
Many historians are aware of the slavery past in many nations, either for religious reasons or trying to hide a reality that everyone knew or practiced in the colonial era in terms of sexual relations between slaves and their owners.

Talking about the marital relationship between black men and white women was a subject that was forbidden to write about or comment on at that time, much less be the main story in any type of romantic literature, given the taboo character of this type of intimate relationship between slaves and owners.

The religious factor
The prohibition of marital, sexual or concubine-type unions between slaves and their owners, one of the dogmatic practices of Catholicism in terms of sexual relations before marriage was something that only existed on paper, and more when slave women outnumbered white women with an advantage of 9 black women for a white woman in many nations.

The chances of the marital union of a black man in his condition as a slave with a white woman during the colonial era was so unlikely that speculating is something that few historians dare on this subject and more when historically we all know the submissive role of the European woman in a patriarchal society where man was the one who made all the decisions.

White men and black women weren’t accepted, but it happened
One of the characteristics of the colonies apart from the exploitation of natural resources for the benefit of European nations was sexual relations or “unions in concubines”. In the beginning, the single settlers had sexual relations with the indigenous women resulting in a mestizo population in many of these colonies, later with the arrival of the slave population the racial diversity changed.

Regardless of the difference of social status within the slave system, experience has shown us that the sexual needs of human beings surpass social and racial differences and more when man’s ability to have a partner was limited by the number of women of white race available during that time in the colonies.
Contrary to what happened with white men when they were in a relationship with a black woman, which was forbidden but allowed, the union of a white woman with a black man would in many cases lead to the death of this black slave by his owner and the moral repudiation of this white woman by society

In conclusion…
The history of UK interracial dating isn’t a completely happy one. In many cases, it could be argued that these early accounts of interracial relationships are sad since it was rooted in such inequality.

But looking at the past can help you appreciate the present, where people in the UK can freely date whomever they love without fear of dire consequences.

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