Merits of interracial relationship vs. relationship within race

Relationship has an important role to play in each and everyone’s life. Be it a relationship of parents, spouse, or peers and friends, each has its own characteristics to help you run your life. While primarily these relationships are there to support you in all your endeavors, at times, you may feel that they are letting you down. It all depends on what platform you see them and what kind of support you are looking to have from them. When these relationships are honest, mutual and trustworthy, you are on the right side of your life. One of the most important occasion when you look for the support of parents, peers and friends is when you are about to choose your partner for life. It is the absolute right of an individual to have a choice of partner and the reason for choosing such a person is best known to you only.

If you are a person who do not want any controversy or not to hear any adverse comments, while choosing a partner, it is always considered safe to date a person of your own community or race which would end up in marriage with the blessing of your parents and community at large, as you have made a choice liked by others. But this is not always the case, as the desire of love or reason for dating a particular individual happens instantly and it doesn’t happen after taking the approval of all your family and friends. As an individual, if you are attracted towards an individual, who is socially conscious, educated, cultured and well mannered, there is nothing wrong if that person is of a different race, creed, color or ethnicity. It is a matter of pure love that attracted each of you towards the other.

If you have consciously chosen a relationship outside your race or color, you should be aware of the merits and the criticism that would follow your decision. You might have been attracted by love at first sight or by your observing him/her closely for some time and started admiring the cultural background of him/her. Whatever be the reason for choosing such an interracial partner, you are certain to gain in a number ways. Dating and marrying a person from other race or color helps to broaden your vision in respect of other communities and it is a lifetime opportunity knocking at your doorstep to have a better view of this world and its people. Some may argue that marrying within their community help preserve their culture and identity, but be sure that getting a partner from other race or color exposes to a new culture and world order which you would otherwise miss in your life time. Also it is an opportunity given to you to get the other race exposed to your culture. Your children would be the most benefited as they would be exposed to two different kinds of culture and heritage which would help them become a world class citizen.

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