Is Language a barrier to express your feelings in interracial relationships

Language is an important tool of communication. Expressing your thoughts through a language in an effective way conveys your thoughts to the listener. In Love, the love must be expressive and the expression could be by way of bodily action and or communication.

Expressing your love to your partner is most important for unexpressed love by keeping your love within heart doesn’t serve any purpose. When you are from a particular community or race speaking English as your native language and you fall in love with a person from your own community who speaks English, you will not have any problem in expressing your intentions in English, as that language is the mother tongue for both of you. When you communicate in your known language, you feel assured and comfortable and you need not worry about the meaning it conveys as you are well versed in using the language.

In another situation, let us assume, that you are an English speaking native and you are attracted towards an East Asian, say a Japanese or a Korean. We can be rest assured that conveying interest in a person doesn’t require any language and to convey that interest all kinds of signs and metaphors could be used to draw the attention. But is this enough to convey the feelings of an individual to the other in the matter of Love? Let us see. In the initial days of dating, this may work out that people with two different mother tongues, do not experience any difficulty in conveying their interest as action is suffice to convey the matter. While during the initial days of dating, one would like the other to know at least some of the words of their language and sportingly the dating couple would exchange those words and will have some fun.

When the relationship comes to a logical end of marriage, some thoughts have to be put in by the couple and must realize that your expression gets fully addressed when you convey your thoughts in a language known to you and to understand the emotion of the matter, the other person should also know the language better. Knowing each other’s language and practicing both the languages at home would help express feelings in a better way and children will not encounter any problem in upbringing the children as there will be no difficulties to convey the ideas and thought of the parents.

Be convinced that speaking in the mother tongue of your partner carries its own advantage, as he/ she would feel comfortable and feel at home as from the day of childhood he/she has been reading, writing and speaking the language of mother tongue. Just imagine and visualize the surprised faces of your partner’s relations, when they hear you talk fluently in their language and be sure to earn their appreciation and respect. They all would adore you for your adaptability and the nice gesture you are showing to them.

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