Interracial Australian Couples Share the Pros and Cons of Their Relationships

interracial dating in Australia

With around one in three marriages registered as intercultural, Australians are no strangers to dating outside of their races and cultures.

Dating sites have increased interracial dating in Australia even more in the country, which shows that people like getting out of their comfort zone, they just needed a little technological help to make it happen.

Though people are finding love across race and culture, new found love for these couples has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the good and bad Australian couples have encountered in their interracial relationships.

Pro: Discovering new food

Many couples note that the trust they have in their significant other makes it very easy to put food in their mouth they’ve never seen or heard of before. This leads to some very yummy and exciting dishes being uncovered.

With new tastes also come new recipes and cooking skills to acquire (if you’re so inclined).

Con: People stare and ask rude questions

Interracial couples report that holding hands and any other public displays of affection turn heads constantly.

A white woman dating a Chinese man was asked by someone if she wasn’t able to get a white boyfriend. To which she replied “What?”

These kinds of interactions are frustrating, disrespectful and just plain rude to most interracial couples.

Pro: Challenges forge stronger, deeper bonds

When you are going through a tough situation as a couple and make it through, most people agree the relationship is stronger. For the most part, interracial couples face more challenges than non-interracial couples, as they have to deal with acceptance from family, friends and strangers in public.

Australian interracial couples have noted that a difference in race and culture (along with religion) tended to strengthen their foundations as they had to navigate how to manage other people’s feelings about their relationships and figure out how to incorporate each other’s traditions.

Con: Some relationships end unexpectedly

It was a sad day when some people in interracial relationships realized they could no longer have friendships or familial relationships due to the hate thrown at their partner.

Dating someone of a different race really shows you a side of people that you didn’t know existed, even when they are close to you. At some point, you have to decide if you are willing to stand up for the person you are with and how to go about navigating your relationships and interactions with people who are unwilling to accept who you’re dating.

Pro: More Celebrations

When getting involved with swirl dating, many couples find that they have more holidays and special events to celebrate or similar holidays are celebrated very differently.

What dating another race in Australia really does is get people out of their bubble. Couples admit that they initially thought there was a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to celebrate a holiday, but after celebrating with their significant other, they appreciate the many forms a shared celebration and tradition can take on.

Many Australians are happy to date people who don’t look like them, every relationship is a challenge but interracial ones come with some pretty neat benefits too.

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  1. Gloria says:

    Lovely article , makes me feel motivated to continue searching for that man that I always desired, am African but I prefer white men which some people in my country find awful but that’s what I want….”the wants what it wants”! Thanks for encouraging me.

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