Interracial Australian Couples Share the Pros and Cons of Their Relationships

interracial dating in Australia

With around one in three marriages registered as intercultural, Australians are no strangers to dating outside of their races and cultures.

Dating sites have increased interracial dating in Australia even more in the country, which shows that people like getting out of their comfort zone, they just needed a little technological help to make it happen.

Though people are finding love across race and culture, new found love for these couples has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the good and bad Australian couples have encountered in their interracial relationships.

Pro: Discovering new food

Many couples note that the trust they have in their significant other makes it very easy to put food in their mouth they’ve never seen or heard of before. This leads to some very yummy and exciting dishes being uncovered.

With new tastes also come new recipes and cooking skills to acquire (if you’re so inclined).

Con: People stare and ask rude questions

Interracial couples report that holding hands and any other public displays of affection turn heads constantly.

A white woman dating a Chinese man was asked by someone if she wasn’t able to get a white boyfriend. To which she replied “What?”

These kinds of interactions are frustrating, disrespectful and just plain rude to most interracial couples.

Pro: Challenges forge stronger, deeper bonds

When you are going through a tough situation as a couple and make it through, most people agree the relationship is stronger. For the most part, interracial couples face more challenges than non-interracial couples, as they have to deal with acceptance from family, friends and strangers in public.

Australian interracial couples have noted that a difference in race and culture (along with religion) tended to strengthen their foundations as they had to navigate how to manage other people’s feelings about their relationships and figure out how to incorporate each other’s traditions.

Con: Some relationships end unexpectedly

It was a sad day when some people in interracial relationships realized they could no longer have friendships or familial relationships due to the hate thrown at their partner.

Dating someone of a different race really shows you a side of people that you didn’t know existed, even when they are close to you. At some point, you have to decide if you are willing to stand up for the person you are with and how to go about navigating your relationships and interactions with people who are unwilling to accept who you’re dating.

Pro: More Celebrations

When getting involved with swirl dating, many couples find that they have more holidays and special events to celebrate or similar holidays are celebrated very differently.

What dating another race in Australia really does is get people out of their bubble. Couples admit that they initially thought there was a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to celebrate a holiday, but after celebrating with their significant other, they appreciate the many forms a shared celebration and tradition can take on.

Many Australians are happy to date people who don’t look like them, every relationship is a challenge but interracial ones come with some pretty neat benefits too.


The History of Interracial Relationships

In the past, there wasn’t much sympathy in the UK or other countries for people who wanted to be in interracial relationships. There was a lot of oppression, but thankfully in today’s world people are more accepting of love between people of different race.

The History
Many historians are aware of the slavery past in many nations, either for religious reasons or trying to hide a reality that everyone knew or practiced in the colonial era in terms of sexual relations between slaves and their owners.

Talking about the marital relationship between black men and white women was a subject that was forbidden to write about or comment on at that time, much less be the main story in any type of romantic literature, given the taboo character of this type of intimate relationship between slaves and owners.

The religious factor
The prohibition of marital, sexual or concubine-type unions between slaves and their owners, one of the dogmatic practices of Catholicism in terms of sexual relations before marriage was something that only existed on paper, and more when slave women outnumbered white women with an advantage of 9 black women for a white woman in many nations.

The chances of the marital union of a black man in his condition as a slave with a white woman during the colonial era was so unlikely that speculating is something that few historians dare on this subject and more when historically we all know the submissive role of the European woman in a patriarchal society where man was the one who made all the decisions.

White men and black women weren’t accepted, but it happened
One of the characteristics of the colonies apart from the exploitation of natural resources for the benefit of European nations was sexual relations or “unions in concubines”. In the beginning, the single settlers had sexual relations with the indigenous women resulting in a mestizo population in many of these colonies, later with the arrival of the slave population the racial diversity changed.

Regardless of the difference of social status within the slave system, experience has shown us that the sexual needs of human beings surpass social and racial differences and more when man’s ability to have a partner was limited by the number of women of white race available during that time in the colonies.
Contrary to what happened with white men when they were in a relationship with a black woman, which was forbidden but allowed, the union of a white woman with a black man would in many cases lead to the death of this black slave by his owner and the moral repudiation of this white woman by society

In conclusion…
The history of UK interracial dating isn’t a completely happy one. In many cases, it could be argued that these early accounts of interracial relationships are sad since it was rooted in such inequality.

But looking at the past can help you appreciate the present, where people in the UK can freely date whomever they love without fear of dire consequences.


Merits of interracial relationship vs. relationship within race

Relationship has an important role to play in each and everyone’s life. Be it a relationship of parents, spouse, or peers and friends, each has its own characteristics to help you run your life. While primarily these relationships are there to support you in all your endeavors, at times, you may feel that they are letting you down. It all depends on what platform you see them and what kind of support you are looking to have from them. When these relationships are honest, mutual and trustworthy, you are on the right side of your life. One of the most important occasion when you look for the support of parents, peers and friends is when you are about to choose your partner for life. It is the absolute right of an individual to have a choice of partner and the reason for choosing such a person is best known to you only.

If you are a person who do not want any controversy or not to hear any adverse comments, while choosing a partner, it is always considered safe to date a person of your own community or race which would end up in marriage with the blessing of your parents and community at large, as you have made a choice liked by others. But this is not always the case, as the desire of love or reason for dating a particular individual happens instantly and it doesn’t happen after taking the approval of all your family and friends. As an individual, if you are attracted towards an individual, who is socially conscious, educated, cultured and well mannered, there is nothing wrong if that person is of a different race, creed, color or ethnicity. It is a matter of pure love that attracted each of you towards the other.

If you have consciously chosen a relationship outside your race or color, you should be aware of the merits and the criticism that would follow your decision. You might have been attracted by love at first sight or by your observing him/her closely for some time and started admiring the cultural background of him/her. Whatever be the reason for choosing such an interracial partner, you are certain to gain in a number ways. Dating and marrying a person from other race or color helps to broaden your vision in respect of other communities and it is a lifetime opportunity knocking at your doorstep to have a better view of this world and its people. Some may argue that marrying within their community help preserve their culture and identity, but be sure that getting a partner from other race or color exposes to a new culture and world order which you would otherwise miss in your life time. Also it is an opportunity given to you to get the other race exposed to your culture. Your children would be the most benefited as they would be exposed to two different kinds of culture and heritage which would help them become a world class citizen.


The Truth Behind Biracial Dating

Our society is a judgmental one at best. There are certain truths behind each source of happiness that we would rather ignore. The happiness of relationships shouldn’t be compromised by societal misconceptions, but unfortunately this is often the case. This is especially true when it comes to biracial relationships.

Dating someone outside your race is a whole new ball game. It shouldn’t be so much of a big deal, but for unknown reasons in today’s melting pot society it still is. Whether you like it or not, dating someone from a different race is inevitably more difficult no matter offline or online dating app. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be with that person. It just means you should brace yourself for an increased amount of difficulties.

It’s more than just black and white

The common stereotype of interracial dating is that one partner is black and the other is white. This is much more complicated, with Latinos, Hispanics, and Asians to take into account as well. Not to mention the fact that biracial people end up in biracial relationships too. This means while you are half-Indian, your partner could be an ethnic mix of Russian and German. After all, we do live in a much more globalised world than ever before! Because of this, society does need a broadened definition of what an interracial relationship is.

There’s more to biracial dating than sex

There is a lot of stigma and fetishization around biracial dating. This leads to stereotypes about what certain racial backgrounds are like in bed. For example, black guys have bigger penises and Asian girls are more submissive. Just like any stereotype floating around society, there is some truth behind them, but ultimately they are unreliable. Sexual ideas shouldn’t be the driving point behind interest in interracial dating.

Interracial relationships don’t solve racism

Sure, they are a step in the right direction and show that society is progressing. But biracial couples do not put a stop to racism. In an ideal world, race wouldn’t matter at all. This current world is not ideal, so it does matter. You may encounter racist remarks from people in wider society and get a few questionable stares. This is because racism does exist. The only thing you can do is allow your happiness to keep you together in spite of it.

It’s actually not a big deal

The irony with social commentary is that the more we comment on it, the bigger deal it seems. Realistically speaking, dating anyone isn’t a big deal. No one actually cares who you’re in a relationship with, as long as you are happy. Skin colour and facial features and ethnic backgrounds are irrelevant. It might take wider society a while to realize this, which is why it is important that you and your partner know it. Go with happiness!


Is Language a barrier to express your feelings in interracial relationships

Language is an important tool of communication. Expressing your thoughts through a language in an effective way conveys your thoughts to the listener. In Love, the love must be expressive and the expression could be by way of bodily action and or communication.

Expressing your love to your partner is most important for unexpressed love by keeping your love within heart doesn’t serve any purpose. When you are from a particular community or race speaking English as your native language and you fall in love with a person from your own community who speaks English, you will not have any problem in expressing your intentions in English, as that language is the mother tongue for both of you. When you communicate in your known language, you feel assured and comfortable and you need not worry about the meaning it conveys as you are well versed in using the language.

In another situation, let us assume, that you are an English speaking native and you are attracted towards an East Asian, say a Japanese or a Korean. We can be rest assured that conveying interest in a person doesn’t require any language and to convey that interest all kinds of signs and metaphors could be used to draw the attention. But is this enough to convey the feelings of an individual to the other in the matter of Love? Let us see. In the initial days of dating, this may work out that people with two different mother tongues, do not experience any difficulty in conveying their interest as action is suffice to convey the matter. While during the initial days of dating, one would like the other to know at least some of the words of their language and sportingly the dating couple would exchange those words and will have some fun.

When the relationship comes to a logical end of marriage, some thoughts have to be put in by the couple and must realize that your expression gets fully addressed when you convey your thoughts in a language known to you and to understand the emotion of the matter, the other person should also know the language better. Knowing each other’s language and practicing both the languages at home would help express feelings in a better way and children will not encounter any problem in upbringing the children as there will be no difficulties to convey the ideas and thought of the parents.

Be convinced that speaking in the mother tongue of your partner carries its own advantage, as he/ she would feel comfortable and feel at home as from the day of childhood he/she has been reading, writing and speaking the language of mother tongue. Just imagine and visualize the surprised faces of your partner’s relations, when they hear you talk fluently in their language and be sure to earn their appreciation and respect. They all would adore you for your adaptability and the nice gesture you are showing to them.


5 Major points that you must not lie in an interracial relationship

Have you recently signed up with one of the popular interracial dating sites in order to find your dream dating partner? Are you wondering about the best possible way to start the relationship so that it does not get ruined due to minor issues? Then it will certainly be wise to confess few important points to your partner before it’s too late. Below are discussed some of the vital points that you must not lie when you are in an interracial relationship.

1.Don’t post false information in your profile
While creating the online profile, you should never post any false information. Make sure to post your real age, characteristics, biography and even photograph. By posting real information, it will be easier for you to build a strong relationship with your dream dating partner who belongs to a different race or religion.

2.Tell him/her about your health condition
This is certainly an important point that must be confessed when you are in an interracial relationship. If you are suffering from a critical health issue then make sure to convey it to your partner. By telling the truth, it will be easier for you to become aware on whether your partner is willing to stay with you after gaining detail information about your health issues.

3.Convey your bad habits
This is also one of the important points that you should convey to your interracial dating partner. You may have some habits that can be annoying and therefore it’s certainly necessary to convey it at the beginning of the relationship.

4.Tell about your financial condition
This is certainly an important point which you should tell to your dating partner to analyze whether he or she truly loves you or it’s just an infatuation. Make sure to convey that you cannot afford to invite her to one of the finest restaurants in the city. You must also tell her that you will not be able to gift her expensive dresses since your financial condition will not permit it.

5.Your marital status
Are you a married person? Then, this is certainly an important point that you must be conveyed to your dating partner. You must never lie about your marital status because this can be one of the major reasons behind a break up in an interracial relationship.

These are some of the vital points that you must never lie in an interracial relationship. By conveying truth, it will be easier for your partner to accept you and thereby face various challenges in the best possible way.


Top 10 US cities to find a match for an interracial relationship

Interracial dating has become very convenient over the years and you certainly wouldn’t be chased out of any place for coming in with rainbow partners. Nevertheless, there are a few places in the United States that happen to be a little more open about the idea of interracial dating. Despite the increasing awareness of interracial dating, there are a few states in the nation where the concept isn’t very popular and you might receive a few frowns walking down the street.

Going beyond the racial aspect

Over the years, people have come to terms with the fact that dating a person of the same race doesn’t ensure happiness and contentment. According to several independent surveys, the rates of divorce are quite similar between couples belonging to the same racial backgrounds and those hailing from different backgrounds. Therefore, it establishes the fact that stability of a relationship isn’t dependent on whether or not you marry someone of the same race.

Interracial Dating Sites have come into picture

Online dating services that cater to the needs of those seeking a relationship with person outside their race have grown in number over the years. Not only has this helped in helping people overcome the taboo of interracial dating but also increased awareness about different cultures and traditions.

Websites like have been doing a splendid job at bridging the gap between people of diverse castes, creeds and nationalities. Thanks to built – in communication features such as emailing and IM clients, people can now contact a person residing in any corner of the globe from the comfort of their couch. Affordability is another aspect in which online interracial dating sites have managed to excel.

The best cities to connect with people seeking an interracial match.

It goes without saying that some American cities have grown in leaps and bounds over the years and the natives have welcomed the idea of interracial dating with open arms. Here is a list of the top 10 cities that are great for interracial dating:

·San Francisco, California
·Seattle, Washington
·Minneapolis, Minnesota
·Denver, Colorado
·Phoenix, Arizona
·San Diego, California
·Honolulu, Hawaii
·New York City, New York
·Los Angeles, California
·Oakland, California

According to the aforementioned listings, the state of California can be said to be most tolerant in the United States, with as many as four cities featuring on the list of the top 10 cities for interracial dating. While it doesn’t mean that other cities in the country are intolerant and hate interracial dating, it’s just that they have a more conventional view point.


Online interracial dating safety tips

While online dating has certainly changed the lives of millions of people worldwide, oftentimes it has poses safety issues with people resorting to various forms of crimes. With the number of such cases on the rise, it becomes a point to discuss about the importance of this aspect with regard to the concept of online dating.

Online interracial dating sites have shown people the path to finding the love of their lives at very little expense. While it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are scores of dating sites that fail to keep up their promises, there are a few that have certainly bridged the gap between people of different racial and cultural backgrounds. In this article, we would throw light on a few online interracial dating safety tips that would help you dodge any attempt of cheating or fraud.

·Always connect with certified or verified users: Apart from the features, there is one major thing that differentiates interracial dating sites – their cost of membership. Although most interracial dating app & sites that you come across boast of advanced filtering algorithms, scammers do dodge them by understanding their vulnerabilities. On the other hand, certified or verified users are those who get their credentials verified by providing supporting documents. This gives others a sense of credibility and you would certainly connect with them with confidence.

·Do not share your personally identifiable information: With leading interracial dating sites being equipped with communication features like the emailing, audio/video chat and instant messaging, among others, it goes without saying that there is absolutely no need to share your personal contact details. Avoid giving your contact number or address, should you wish to wait for a little more time before meeting in the real world.

·Inform someone when going out on a date: If you’ve managed to set up a date with someone you’ve met online, inform your friends about the places you intend to visit, in addition to all the key plans. This would help them keep track of your movement and make it easy to locate you should something wrong happens. There have been instances where people have indulged in crimes on their first date. It is advised you meet the person in a public place.

·Don’t trust someone blindly: You would never be able to understand the other person’s true intentions unless you speak to him/her. A person claiming to be a millionaire might actually be broke. On the other hand, a millionaire might pretend to be a middle – class man, in order to avoid attractive gold diggers. Also, be careful about STDs with dating online, a lot of people with STDs today and 1 in 4 living with herpes according to CDC, so always be cautious while connecting with people on interracial dating sites or dating sites for people with herpes and STDs and think twice before sharing any personal information.


How to make online interracial dating work for you?

Are you a white man looking to date a black girl? Or perhaps you are an Asian girl interested in dating a Latino man? Or you are someone from a different background wanting to try interracial dating? Then you will find a lot of tips to be successful in interracial dating here.

Here’s what it takes to be successful at interracial dating.

·Pick the right interracial dating site
Interracial dating sites are many, but not all of them offer good quality. Most people who have benefitted from internet dating are of the opinion that paid dating sites are much better than free sites. And this actually makes sense. You get what you pay for, right?

·Create an attractive profile
What others users see is your profile. So, if it is great, you are likely to get more invitations. The opposite is also true. If your profile is incomplete or contains objectionable content, others may avoid you.

When filling your profile, remember a few things. First, give only that much personal information that you have to. Two, fill the information truthfully. Three, if you are not comfortable in sharing something, don’t share. For instance, many people don’t like to put up their photo in the profile section. While a photograph is a great tool to attract others, it is much better to not upload it if you are uncomfortable. Needless to say, don’t upload someone else’s photo and pass it as yours. This always backfires and may make you hugely unpopular or even lead to termination of your account.

·Stay away from scammers
As someone using online dating sites, it is imperative that you learn how to separate scammers from genuine people. An easy giveaway is a plea for financial help. Block the person immediately and report the issue to the site administrators.

·Ask the person out
Ok, so you have virtually met someone who is giving you all the right vibes and are now wondering what next. Well, simply ask her or him out. There’s no need to couch your genuine interest in flowery words. Something like ‘Hey, are you free on Friday night? What about a coffee in the evening?’ will work just fine.

·Be yourself
Obviously, you wouldn’t want to say something that will be inappropriate on the first date, but at the same time don’t pretend to be somebody you are not.

Let’s suppose you are meeting a beautiful black girl and you are a white guy. Now, you don’t have to walk or talk like a rapper to show the girl that your interest in dating black women. Quite the opposite, such a garish display is likely to put off your date, who might start thinking of how to drop you fast even before you have uttered ‘hello’.

·Learn about your partner’s culture
Once you two have started dating regularly, you should invest some time and effort in learning things about your partner’s culture. This will show your partner that you are serious about the relationship and are committed to make things work despite of cultural and racial differences.


What makes older men like younger black women?

It turns out that not every woman in her 20s or 30s is looking for someone her own age. The fact is that many women are interested in older men. The same goes for older men. Ever since these age gap barriers were eliminated and people have finally accepted the fact that age is nothing more than number, the number of older men who show interest in younger women is growing. Modern times have managed to eliminate one more prejudice – race is no longer an issue. There are many older men who want to meet and date younger black women. In case you are wondering what’s behind this trend, we will point out a few reasons.

First of all, young black woman are not so fragile. When older men are interested in dating younger women, they often hesitate because they think that women at this age are very fragile and gentle. Some of them are raised in a way that made them think that they are some kind of princesses. Most of the young black women are not like this. They are more realistic and grown to be independent individuals. They don’t need your help although they will appreciate your kindness and they certainly like gentlemen.

Another thing that makes older women of any race interested in younger black women is the fact that they possess specific humor. The truth is that they are very funny. Once again, one of the main reasons behind their good spirit is their childhood. Most of them didn’t have a smooth childhood and humor is the best thing to overcome these difficult moments. So, when your black date starts laughing at your jokes, you know that they are not doing this just to please you – they actually enjoy your presence. On top of that, you can be prepared to listen to many interesting jokes and comments.

In addition, some older men like the idea of dating younger black women because it turns out that the process of aging doesn’t affect these women so radically. Most of them tend to go through very slow aging process and they maintain their natural beauty until they get really old. The quality of their hair, skin and teeth is almost the same for many years. So, you will not only get a chance to date a young woman, but you can also move to a serious relationship and enjoy her youthful look for a long time.

According to many older men who have actually been with younger black women, black women tend to give full support to their partners. This is obviously something that every man, especially older men, wants. Their young black partner will be fascinated by their experience and as a result of that they will get unlimited support. Younger black woman know how to show their appreciation and their love.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the most important reasons why older men want to be with younger black women.